Up until now, you may have been delivering your program by yourself. You may even have some coaches helping you deliver your program. But, have you taken a look at what it would mean to your business to have an unlimited number of coaches, located around the world, that are certified by you to teach your program?

There are three reasons to consider this as a part of your business building strategy.

1. Certifying others to deliver your program lets you build a business that doesn’t require your work to make the revenue flow in.

Most of us start our coaching businesses delivering all of our own programs. This limits the size that the business can eventually grow to, as you only have so many hours in a day and days in a week that you can work. People on the outside look at us entrepreneurs with envy that we can create our own schedules, but we all know that in the beginning, the business owns you. As you are moving from a brand new business to a more seasoned one, think about the money you can bring in that you don’t have to directly provide the services for. That’s what leveraging your business is all about.

2. You will expand your reach and impact exponentially certifying others to teach your program.

I know for myself, I was only able to reach a limited number of people with me being the only one delivering my program. When I started to train other coaches to teach my program, my reach spread to 13 countries worldwide. Think about what that would mean for your business. Imagine the scores of people your program could reach that would never have been exposed to your brilliance.

3. Passive income through licensing.

As a business owner, I was thrilled to receive my first licensing fees after I had certified others to deliver my program. When you certify coaches to deliver your program, you will license your content and materials, defining exactly how your program needs to be delivered. You will also provide ongoing support to your certified coaches with monthly or quarterly calls, where you bring them together and discuss best practices. In exchange for this support, along with the use of your materials and website, you will develop a fee for the particular period of time they are licensed to use those materials in the way you specified.

The licensing piece can sound a bit overwhelming, but if we look at it simply, it’s just defining what your intellectual property is, how it can be used, and the fee for someone to have access.

With these three reasons put together, you will find that the certification of others to teach your program is going to be a business game changer for you. It will ratchet your business up a number of notches and also increase your visibility with other coaches.