We are still talking about the steps to leverage your coaching business and this post is about the second step: determining if your program is scalable. The first step that we had already covered, which you can read here, talks about why you should be thinking about leveraging your coaching business. We talked about the difference it will make in terms of revenue and setting you up as an expert while really preparing you to own your niche. That leads into the big questions, which is the second step, the scalability of your current program.

Let me tell you what I mean.

Many coaches are working with people one-on-one. They have a process and they may have a step by step approach, but it really is a challenge to teach a lot of people. Let’s say you are interested in having a group, it’s challenging because you haven’t systematized your approach and your program.

So, if you think about growing your business and income and not working harder, but working smarter, then having a structured program will allow you to have this kind of scalability where you are teaching, not just one-to-one but one-to-many and you’re also able to eventually have other people trained to teach your program, which we will talk about in an upcoming post.

Here are some questions that I’d like you to consider in terms of asking yourself is your program scalable?

1. Do I have a clear program promise? Is it clear to me, or Is it clear to my clients on what they need to do to participate in my program?
2. Is there a natural movement in my program to take someone from Point A, which is not having gone through the program, to Point B, where they are experiencing the transformation? Take a look at the steps in your program and of they naturally and organically experience the transformation they’re investing in.
3. Is this program documented in such a way that you are not limited to working with one person? It’s important that you be able to deliver it in a one-to-many format where everyone is able to achieve the transformation but you’ve leveraged your time, as opposed to coaching a lot of individuals.

When you’ve accomplished Step 2, scalability, it’s going to lead you naturally to Step 3, where were going to talk about certifying other people to teach your program. I’d love to hear from you if you have comments or questions contact me at ___.